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NeverLeak Side Mount Hose Reel

Finding the right hose reel can be a challenge. There is too much information to remember and understand. For instance, there are over ten types of hose reels that are designed to handle certain tasks. If you’re new to water hose reels, this can be a problem.

To make matters worse, some review sites give inaccurate information. In fact, most of the customer’s reviews are unverified and misleading. Because of the disparity in quality, users lose their confidence in buying a reel.

For new homeowners, we understand the complications in finding a quality hose reel. Plastic hose reels have little durability and break often. While they are useful for long term projects, these reels don’t offer the stability you need. However, there are a few things that can solve this problem.

Never Leak Swivel System

Fortunately, we’ve compiled information from reliable sources. Here, we discuss the pros and cons for this hose reel. Also, we use verified customer reviews to show a different opinion on the reel. After reading this article, you’ll have an improved confidence when buying a hose reel.

About The Hose Reel

We are happy to introduce the NeverLeak Hose Reel. It is side mounted, meaning that it connects perfectly to the wall. Also, the reel holds up to 100 feet of 5/8 vinyl hose. Another feature is its fully assembled reel. Thus, making it useful for garden projects. Look at some of the main features of this product :

  • Includes leader hose
  • Secure hose storage system
  • Holds 100ft and 5/8 hose
  • Auto track provides smooth hose reeling

Based on its features alone, the NeverLeak Hose reel has versatile usage. If left unattended for an extended period, the reels become less effective. In addition, the storage system keeps the hose safe when not in use. Basically, its features might be good for those wanting a basic hose reel.

AMES Corporation is a reputable brand that sells quality hose reels. AMES started in 1949; the company originally sold rubber products. AMES has won awards for their reliable service and quality content. Mainly, their tools help landscapers and homeowners create beautiful gardens.

NeverLeak Side Mount Hose Reel Handle On White Background

The product is made with form and functionality. For example, it has a neutral color; meaning that it looks good in almost any house. When it comes to function, AMES made this reel to make it easier to wind/unwind the hose. Because of this, the side mount reel completes a broad range of projects.

Results Gained 

The first thing you’ll notice from the ames hose reel is its modern design. For example, the neutral colors make it easy to see on any surface. Also, the storage system helps protect the hose after completed use.

One result that we’ve noticed is the integrated hose guide. The guide helps users actually align their hose with the reel. Due to proper alignment, it saves time when cleaning up. Thus, its integrated guide might be a good choice for beginners.

Another advantage is its stability. Low-quality hose reels leak often. These leaks cause for lack of water supply and efficiency. But, with this ames hose reel, it protects the hose from being suspect to damage. Its increase stability makes it a useful hose reel for the long term.

But, there are some issues associated with this reel. While brass fittings are weak; making it harder to work on great projects. After three months of use, the mount sheering falls off. We suggest buying replacement accessories and mount sheerings if one see this happens.

NeverLeak Side Mount Hose Reel With 100-Feet Hose Capaci

Users often complain about its weakness to sunlight. If the reel is left unattended, it starts to rust. When this happens, we suggest adding powdered coating to prevent rusting. Lastly, maintaining your hose reel helps expand its life span.

Despite its flaws, the ames hose reel gets the job done. The reel easily stores the hose when the project is finished. Also, its modern design looks aesthetically pleasing when mounted. Overall, the results from this reel is the reason why AMES is a reliable brand today.

What Customers Say

Functional and sturdy. Way. I find it more useful than the Suncast reel. Unlike This is my second reel from AMES. The first one is in front of my house and my backyard. I used my first one for over five years. I highly recommend this product.”

This review shows the durability of the AMES hose reel. For instance, the user had the product for over five years. Further, since he brought two reels, he was fully satisfied with the product. The quality of this hose reel is a prime selling point with the customers.

Buying Advice

Remember, third party sites come with a myriad of risks. Most garden hose reviews come from unverified sources that plan to trick the reader. Don’t make the mistake of buying from untrustworthy sites because it’s not guaranteed you’ll get your hose reel.

NeverLeak Side Mount Hose Reel With 100-Feet Hose Capaci On White Background

That is why we suggest using Amazon for your shopping needs. For over 7 years, Amazon provides quality service to shoppers worldwide. Unlike third party sites, Amazon delivers their products faster. So, we suggest using Amazon if you want the highest quality service.

One thing to remember is the warranty of this hose reel. For instance, it comes with a 90-day warranty. If there are any problems associated with the reel, don’t be afraid to send it back. Doing this saves you money if you don’t like the reel.


To conclude, the NeverLeak Side Mount Hose Reel is a simple yet effective hose reel. One of its strengths lie in its versatility. But, its mounting sheers break after a few months of usage. Despite the cons, this hose reel gets the job done.

Why do we recommend this product? We recommend this hose reel because of its ease of use. After purchasing the replacement brass fixtures, we’ve noticed an improvement in its performance. Overall, we suggest using the Neverleak Side Mount Hose Reel if you’re looking for a valuable hose reel.

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