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Everyone needs a good quality hose reel. Having one allows you to water your plants effectively. In addition, it helps extend the lifespan and appearance of your backyard. Recently, there has been an increase in demand for these garden hoses. So, that means companies are mass manufacturing these materials.

However, not all hose reels are of the same quality. A mistake most gardeners make is to buy a hose reel without understanding its qualities. This leads them into having a low-quality reel that doesn’t get the job done.

We understand that hardship that comes with shopping. There are a multitude of mechanics needed to understand what hose reel to buy. This often leaves the user confused and unable to make a conscious decision.

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Unlike other review sites, we thoroughly research the information presented. This benefits the user by giving them the chance to figure out exactly what they need. We believe that the 870 model is great for professional landscapers.

Fortunately, we compiled information from verified customer opinions. Here, we discuss the pros, cons and recommendations when using this hose reel. After reading this article, you’ll have the confidence to make an informed decision.

About The Hose Reel

The 870 is designed for many purposes. It’s made out of steel and offers a reel that allows one take as much length of the hose that is required. All of the fixtures are galvanized and brass. Designed with a sturdy powder coat appearance, the hose is made for high quality performance. Look at some of the main features of this hose reel :

  • Powder Coat Finish
  • 90 degree Brass Swivel Connection
  • 5’ Leader Hose included
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Ever since 1989, Liberty Garden Products created quality water hose reels and equipment. They combine modern technology with vintage design to create the best reels. When using one of Liberty Garden Products, you’ll notice the power that lies behind it.

Based on the features alone, the 870 is a quality hose reel. With the powder coat finish, it provides a professional and industrial appearance. Liberty Garden Products created this hose reel to aid its user in the most efficient manner. Because of their inventions, Liberty Garden is a reputable company.

Results Gained

One thing consumers ask when making a decision is “What results will this product give me? To answer that question, we’ve noticed a few benefits that come with this hose reel. For instance, it comes with four pneumatic tires. These tires help the user maneuver around the garden with ease.

Liberty Garden Products 870 Brass Swivel

Another benefit lies in the durable design. The hose reel consists of 13-gauge steel. In addition, the brass fixtures are sturdy and don’t break when in use. Because of this, we believe this garden hose might be a good choice for those wanting a reliable hose.

But, there are a few issues associated with the 870-M1-2. For beginners, it might be confusing to assemble. Also, the hose reel cannot mount in one place. While the wheel makes it easier to maneuver, we wish that it could mount on the walls.

Despite its flaws, the 870 is a useful hose reel for simple projects. The reel is portable; meaning that the user can maneuver around the garden with ease. Based on its design, it allows the user to work effectively. Even though it is hard to assemble, it’s still a good choice for garden projects.

What Customers Say

Here is a positive review from a verified customer.

“I own three of this product. The secret of its longetivity is keeping it INDOORS when you’re finished using it. Sunlight causes the wheel to dry up and rot if left unattended. Also, the bearing fails if over exposed to the sun. If you’re looking for a reel to place beside the garage, this hose reel is NOT for you.

Liberty Garden Products 870 Pneumatic Wheels

The unit works very well. The four wheel mobility helps me position the hose reel in the direction I am puling the reel from.

I rate this a 4 and would recommend this again!”

Based on this customer’s review we see the single issue that comes with it. While it is a great product, its unable to be placed outside for extended periods of time. Despite its difficulty, the 870-M1-2 is a useful product for mobile usage.

Buying Advice

Here’s a bit of buying advice. When you are searching for a good hose reel, try to figure out its features. The features will give you good insight on how the product works. If possible, test the product to see if it works. By doing research, you increase confidence in your purchase and help produce results.

Another piece of advice is to find out if the hose reel has a warranty. Companies use warranties to ensure consumer confidence. Liberty Garden Products come with a limited lifetime warranty. If any problem arise, please return the hose reel for a replacement or a refund.

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One thing to look out for is third party sites. These sites are filled with false information and reviews. Because of this, we suggest you buy your products off Amazon. Amazon offers a reliable shipping service that WILL bring what you need in less than a week.

Buying from other sites can be risky. Unlike Amazon, these sites come with problems. For instance, slowing shipping speeds and higher prices are common. Because of that, we suggest using Amazon to ensure you receive your hose reel on time.


To summarize, the 870 is a versatile hose reel. Four wheels attach to the bottom of the reel. The wheels make it easier to maneuver around the garden. However, there are a few issues that come with it. Unlike other hose reels, it’s not recommended to stay outside for too long.

Despite its flaws, we believe that this hose reel. We recommend buying the 870 if you are a professional landscaper. In conclusion, this hose reel is useful for the most intense gardening project.

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