Liberty Garden Products 3-In-1 Garden Hose Reel

Liberty Garden Products 3-In-1 Garden Hose Reel

Finding a good water hose for your garden takes a lot of time. There are some hose reels that are ineffective. For instance, some hoses will lose their quality, making it harder for the user to operate with it. Because of this, we understand the complications of finding a quality water hose reel.

For new homeowners, it’s a challenge to find the right products for your garden. With so much mechanics and information to remember, it takes a long time to become well informed. To buy in confidence, you have to gain proper information on how the product works.

Also, we understand the complications that come with buying a new hose reel. Some review sites give biased reasons as to why a product is good. But, they forget to provide what the buyer needs. They only make the review just for sales and not customer engagement.

Liberty Garden Products 3-In-1 Garden Hose Reel on The Wall

Fortunately, we’ve found a solution to these problems. Finding the right hose isn’t hard, it just takes the right amount of information to see which one a person needs.

That is why we compiled the best resources into one article. Here, we’ll discuss the pros and cons associated with the product. Additionally, we provide opinions by verified customers on how this hose reel works. Basically, we want to help the reader have confidence when they are about to make a purchase.

About The Hose Reel

We are proud to introduce the Liberty Garden 3-in-1 Garden Hose Reel. It’s a steel mounted hose reel that is versatile. For instance, the hose reel can be mounted on different areas due to its non-skid rubber boots. Because of its 3-in-1 system, the hose might be a good choice for landscapers.

This hose reel was invented by Liberty Garden Products. Since 1989, the company has been useful in creating quality ways to store garden hoses. Look at some of the main features of this hose reel :

  • Strong powder coat
  • Brass fixtures
  • 5’ leader hose
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Dimensions: 19 x 21 x 16
  • Weight: 15 lbs

Liberty Garden Products created this water hose reel to improve the quality of one’s garden. Based on their design, the company keeps the vintage appearance of hose reels. Combine that with its modern innovation, and you’ll get a versatile garden hose.

The Results You’ll Get from the Liberty Garden Hose Reel

The first thing you’ll notice about the Liberty Garden 3-in-1 Hose Reel is its craftsmanship. Liberty Garden designs the hose with powdered coated steel. From its appearance, it looks similar to an item used in colonial times. It’s industrial design and modern mechanics help make this a strong tool in anyone’s arsenal.

Liberty Garden Products 3-In-1 Garden Hose Reel Brass Fixture

Next, it comes with a versatile 3-in-1 design. This means that the hose reel can be mounted on any surface. From lawn to turf, we like how Liberty Garden made this hose useable in any environment. Making the hose a good choice for even the toughest projects.

There is one issue that comes with using this garden hose reel. For instance, the short hose included with the reel is hard to use. Gardeners dislike how the hose is unable to maneuver and conceal. We suggest buying a longer hose to help improve its effectiveness.

Another problem is that you’ll need two wrenches to attach the hose to the reel. This means that extra effort is required to make sure the hose attaches perfectly. For beginners, this might prove to be a problem.

Despite the pros and cons, the Liberty Garden Hose Reel will bring positive results. Users like the versatility and compact design of the hose reel. While there are a few flaws, the garden hose does deliver the quality everyone deserves in a hose reel.

What Customers Say

Based on a few positive reviews, we believe that the Liberty Garden Hose Reel is a need in one’s household.

Liberty Garden Products 3-In-1 Garden Hose Reel Handle

“After giving up on cheap, plastic hose reels I searched for an alternative. The manufacture warns the user about leakage through the reel connection. However, I didn’t experience any.

I did not like the hose that was provided, so I tried a shorter one. The main issue I had was that they could not be tightened by hand to prevent leakage. My suggestion would be to add a 90-degree elbow. Add a ‘male’ on one end and a female on the other so the hose can run smoothly.

Overall, it’s a good product. Would recommend!”

Here, we see the consumer’s thoughts on the Liberty Garden Hose Reel. One thing worth mentioning is the issues with the reel. Using wrenches to fix the machine will prove to be a problem if one is not experienced. Even through its flaws, customers see this hose reel as something valuable and useful.

Buying Advice

To give some shopping advice, we suggest understanding the product before purchasing. If the features don’t match with your needs, then there’s no reason to waste your money. Additionally, when finding a garden hose reel, make sure you purchase it from a trusted site.

Liberty Garden Products 3-In-1 Garden Hose Reel on White Background

One thing you’ll want to steer clear from is third party websites. They appear to sell garden hose reels but do not offer the service desired. Chances are you’ll experience delayed shipping rates when trying this method.

That is why we recommend using Amazon. For over 7 years, Amazon provides safe and efficient shipping to all their customers. When buying on this site, its guaranteed you’ll receive your package within a few days.


To conclude, we believe the Liberty Garden Hose Reel is an excellent addition to one’s garden. It has an vintage appearance but works just as good as a modern hose. The small nuances that do occur are easily fixed through buying replacements. Thus, this 3-in-1 garden hose reel is ideal for the professional gardener.

Why do we recommend this product? Because of its versatility and reliability. After replacing the small hose that caused problems, we found it easier to operate the hose reel. In conclusion, try out the Liberty Garden Hose Reel if you’re looking for something worth your time.

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