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The Ultimate Guide To Buying A Hose Reel

Getting the best hose reel can be a difficult affair. There are too many mechanics to understand. Combine these issues with the increase of low quality reels, and you’ll see the issue each customer faces. This complicated shopping process causes the user to lose certainty when purchasing.

Most garden hose reel reviews are inaccurate and biased. The reviewers only write to upsell a product and overly persuade the customer to make a purchase. In fact, the consumer reviews they use come from unverified customers. Because of this, they lower the user’s confidence to make a purchase.

To make matters worse, hose reels are an expensive investment. High quality reels are not cheap. This adds another layer of anxiety because the user doesn’t want to make the wrong decision. Since reels are an investment, we want to help you make the right choice.

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The first thing to look for in a hose reel is its price. Price represents the value the reel offers. But remember, price is not the only factor in determining quality. When looking for a hose reel, check for its durability, versatility and mobility.

To check a reel’s durability, see how long it can work without issues. Plastic hose reels last for a short amount of time. After a few weeks of use, you’ll notice the reel decreasing in quality. To prevent this, we recommend keeping your reel maintained frequently.

Versatile hose reels usually come with multiple features. Does the reel come with an auto track system? What surfaces can it mount on? Asking these questions help when determining the versatility of your hose reel.

When it comes to mobility, simply inspect the hose reel’s appearance. If there are wheels attached to the reel, chances are its mobile. However, reels that don’t have wheels are stationary. With stationary reels, mount them on the wall to maximize their performance.

Lastly, when it comes to making a purchase, decide what features you want in a hose reel. Remove any reels that don’t fit your criteria. Then, find the reel that features relate to your needs. After that, buy the reel that you believe will be the best fit for your project.

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We understand the complicated procedures of finding a good hose reel. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of the top eight reels in the market. Each are discussed in detail without any bias. Unlike other hose reel reviews, we adhere and respect the consumer’s opinion.

Here, we’ll discuss each of the hose reel’s pros and cons. To give the user better insights on these products, we give our suggestions on how to use them. By the end of the article, you’ll have enough information and resources to make a confident purchase.

So, let’s begin.

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Price Introduction

On this guide, each of the hose reels are priced at under $125 dollars. While it may seem inexpensive, the reel’s value exceeds the price tag.

Suncast CPLSSM200B Swivel Hose With Hideaway/Smart Track Hose Guide

Technical Specs

  • Easy to use reeling
  • Tracks hose onto reel
  • Storage system included


Starting off our list is the Suncast CPLSSM200B model. The Suncast Hose Reel comes with a hideaway storage system. The storage system makes it easier for you to keep the hose in place. Weighing in at about 22.8 pounds, it is a good choice for those with small gardens.

One advantage with this hose reel is its ease of use. For instance, users reported that winding the reel is a straightforward process. In fact, the handle is placed towards the top to prevent bending over. Because of its design, the suncast garden hose reel makes the user’s life easier.

Suncast CPLSSM200B Swivel Hose Hideaway With Smart Trak Hose

Another plus lies within its sturdy design. In areas with high wind, this suncast hose reel stays in place. Also, the Smart Track system is efficient in keeping the hose on the reel. For instance, it automatically reels in the hose without getting tangled. Thus, this hose reel makes it easy to operate without fail.

The only issue comes with the stakes of the reel. This reel comes with only two stakes to keep the base to the ground. But, it could do a better job if there are four stakes. We recommend buying stakes at your local shop to improve the effectiveness of this reel.

Overall, we believe that the Suncast CPLSSM200B model reel gets the job done. While it has minor issues, it still aids the user by being a reliable reel. Due to its Smart Track system, the reel is coiled without issue. It might be a good choice for beginners.

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Suncast CPLPTW175 Slide Trak Hose Hideaway

Technical Specs

  • Fully assembled
  • Slide track system for easy hose control
  • Constructed by resin
  • Modern design that protects the hose and the reel


The Suncast CPLTW175 comes fully assembled with a modern design. This hose reel combines form and functionality. For instance, it has the appearance of a brown basket while uncluttering gardens. Further, it’s an excellent choice for those wanting an aesthetically pleasing reel.

We like its utility. For example, it has 175 feet of 5/8 vinyl hose. Also, the hose can work on a myriad of projects. On average, you’ll need around 100 feet to complete most projects. The extra 75 feet comes in handy for great projects. Mainly, we like the usefulness of this hose reel.

Suncast CPLPTW175 Slide Trak Hose Hideaway On White Background

Also, the reel comes with stakes to keep the base connected to the ground. The stakes are an advantage because it keeps your reel from falling over. If the stakes don’t work, you can purchase additional stakes at your local store to keep it grounded.

But, we’ve noticed a few issues with the reel. The reel has low durability. After six weeks of use, we’ve noticed the decrease in quality. Also, when we tried to use the crank handle, it fell off. Thus, it might serve a problem for those needing a reliable reel.

Honestly, the Suncast Hose Reel is a great mixture of design and utility. It comes with a hose that handles most projects. Additionally, it comes with a slide track system to help wind and unwind the hose. While its durability is low, it is a great product for those wanting a basic hose reel.

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NeverLeak Side Mount Hose Reel With 100-Feet Hose Capacity

Technical Specs

  • 100 ft with 5/8 vinyl hose
  • Leader hose
  • Easy to mount reel
  • Hose guide helps with alignment


The ames hose reel is a side-mounted style reel. Like most ames hose reels, it is easy to mount on the wall. In addition, it comes with an integrated hose guide. This guide helps keep the hose coiled correctly. We suggest this reel for those who want stability.

One advantage is its auto track feature. The integrated hose guide aids the user by keeping the hose aligned. Also, the auto track feature removes tangles from the hose. Meaning that the auto track on the reel extends the lifespan of the hose. When looking for a long term reel, this ames hose reel can do the job.

NeverLeak Side Mount Hose Reel With 100-Feet Hose Capaci

We also like that it’s easy to install. For example, when we’ve opened up the reel, it came with detailed instructions. It took us a total of 20 minutes and it was ready to go. Basically, this might be a good choice for those who want a simple reel to install in a short time span.

But, it’s lack of mobility can be a problem. For instance, the reel has no wheels attached to it. Because of its permanent placement, this reel can only mount on surfaces. If you can’t handle the low mobility, we suggest purchasing a portable hose reel.

Despite its flaws, the neverleak by ames steel is a quality product. Like a quality reel, it’s easy to wind and unwind with its auto track feature. But, the reel is stationary. This starionary setting can prove to be a problem if you need a reel that can maneuver around the garden. Overall, it is a substantial hose reel that’s easy to use.

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Liberty Garden Products 3-In-1 Garden Hose Reel

Technical Specs

  • 3-And-1 Design for Multipurpose Use
  • 200’ of 5/8” vinyl hose
  • Inlet Hose
  • Powder Coat Appearance


This liberty hose reel comes designed for a myriad of projects. It comes with a 3-in-1 system that helps the user install the reel anywhere. For instance, it can mount on a wall, turf or lawn. Because of this, it might be the right choice for professionals.

A primary advantage is its durability. This hose reel consists of steel and powdered coating. Meaning that it can be of use for an extended period. Due to the powdered coating, this mechanical reel can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Liberty Garden Products 3-In-1 Garden Hose Reel on White Background

Also, this reel can be attached anywhere. When mounting it onto two heavy cement blocks, it stays secure in place. In fact, you can move the reel in any direction you need to pull the hose. Mainly, the liberty hose reel comes built for versatility.

But, we’ve noticed a problem when it comes to rusting. After two months of use, the liberty hose reel picked up rust. While the reel is durable, the rust lessens the quality of the appearance. The rusting be a problem for those wanting a reel that looks aesthetically pleasing.

Overall, we feel that the liberty hose reel is ideal for professional use. It’s versatile in the 3-in-1 system and can be mounted almost anywhere. Also, the steel and powdered coating make it resistant to the weather. While it is susceptible to rusting, it still gets the job done.

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Liberty Garden Products Decorative Non-Rust Wall Mounted Garden Hose Reel

Technical Specs

  • Comes Pre-Assembled
  • Powdered Coat Paint
  • Antique Appearance
  • One Year Limited Warranty


This liberty hose reel comes with 5 feet of a leader hose. Since the reel comes with powdered coat painting, it requires yearly maintenance. Further, with its antique appearance, it’s a great choice for those wanting a reel that functions.

The main advantage of this reel is its lack of leakage. Low-quality hose reels often leak when used. Also, it’s an excellent decorative hose reel. When mounted on the wall, the reel looks as if its apart of the room. Thus, we like the reel because of its form and functionality.

Liberty Garden Products Decorative Non-Rust On White Background

Another plus comes from the reel itself. Unlike plastic reels, this liberty hose reel works without issue. Customers reported that it creates a smooth process winding/unwinding the hose. Because of the reel’s reliability, it makes it easier to finish garden projects.

But, the main issue comes from its lack of mounting hardware. This means that you’ll have to buy one from a local store. Also, the aluminum frame starts to rust after use. Basically, this hose reel is recommended for short term usage. We recommend buying a mounting reel if planning to place it on the wall.

Overall, we’re surprised at this hose reel’s capabilities. It reels in the hose smoothly and effectively. We also like how the reel doesn’t leak after use. However, its lack of mounting hardware and rusting can irritate a few users. Despite its flaws, it’s a great reel for short term projects.

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Best Choice Products Water Hose Reel Cart

Looking for an efficient way to utilize your water hose? The Best Choice Water Hose Reel Cart can assist you. It holds up to 300 feet of 5/8 vinyl water hose. It comes with solid steel axles to increase its durability. We believe this might be a good choice for those wanting a durable portable hose reel cart.

One advantage lies in its sturdy design. Unlike plastic reels sold at Walmart, this reel lasts for a longer time. Also, the powdered coated finish helps keep the reel from harsh weather. Because of this, we suggest using this reel for heavy duty projects.

Best Choice Products Water Hose Reel Cart On The Ground

Another reason is the maneuverability. Some hose reels are stationary; they can only be placed on walls. But, the pneumatic tires of the cart ensure that the reel moves around efficiently. Because of the effectiveness of the tires, this hose reel cart makes garden projects a breeze.

But, after three weeks of use, we’ve noticed rust appearing on the reel. While the rust isn’t a huge issue, it destroys the aesthetic appearance of the reel. Annually, properly maintain this hose reel to extend its lifespan. To do this, keep it stored when finished.

Basically, this water hose reel cart is one of the best rated garden hose reel based on its durability. Further, it’s wheels make it easier to maneuver around the field. There are a few issues of rust with this reel, but annual maintenance prevents this issue. Overall, this cart is a need for garden projects.

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RL Flo-Master 65HR8 Retractable Hose Reel

Technical Specs

  • 65’ of 5/8 hose
  • Unit includes a carrying handle
  • 8-pattern nozzle
  • Mounting brackets allow 180-degree swivel


The Flo-Master hose reel is a retractable hose reel that consists of brass hose fittings. Also included is a carrying handle, 66” of leader hose and mounting hardware. Thus, making it an excellent choice for someone who wants a solid reel with multiple features.

When testing out the reel, we liked its ability to retract quickly. Unlike other retractable hose reels, this one gets the job done. For instance, we’ve had the product for over 6 months and found no issues with the retractability. Because of this, the hose wins in durability.

RL Flo-Master 65HR8 Retractable Hose Reel On White Background

Another advantage lies within its hose length. With over 65’ of length, one is able to drag the hose almost endlessly. Also, the hose feels smooth when coming off the reel. This smooth process means that it is easy to wind and unwind the reel. Due to these advantages, it makes a great reel for the long term.

But, the only issue is you can’t mount the reel on concrete structures. If the material consists of wood, it will take time to install the reel on it. However, when uninstalled, it stays there forever. We suggest getting a professional to help if your reel is on a hard surface.

The Rl Flo-Master reel is one of a kind. It has a lot of features that make it valuable to the user. In fact, it has a long hose length that helps when doing intense projects. While it is hard to mount on concrete surfaces, it stays on the surface when it is installed.

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Liberty Garden Products 870-M1-2 Industrial 300

Technical Specs

  • Holds up 300ft of 5/8’ of hose
  • Low Gravity Center to stop tipping
  • Steel construction
  • Good for professional use


The Liberty Garden 870-M1-2 is valuable for a myriad of reasons. For instance, it has a low center of gravity. This low gravity happens because of the four wheels located on the reel. Also, it comes with 300ft of hose. Thus, making it a good choice for those wanting a reel that holds long hoses.

An advantage is its mobility. This hose reel comes with four wheels. Making it easier to maneuver around a garden. When using the wheels, grab back of the cart and move where desired. Due to its wheels, it helps complete projects at a faster rate.

Liberty Garden Products 870

In addition, it is easy to assemble and organize. Just keep the water on, and the reel will work efficiently. When using the reel, use your left hand to guide the hose. Then, use the right hand to move the handle. Because of its simple organization, beginners might find this product useful.

But, it’s main disadvantage is when it rusts. Most reels from Liberty Garden have this issue. We suggest storing the reel inside after use. If left unattended, the liberty hose reel starts to rust and lose quality. So, proper maintenance is required to keep this hose reel working properly.

Thus, we think that this reel is one of the best garden hose carts on the market. It is portable, meaning that users can easily maneuver around the garden. Also, it’s easy setup helps beginners get started. While it is subject to rusts, this reel is perfect for professional use.

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Buying Advice

Here’s a bit of buying advice. When you are searching for a hose reel, try to figure out its features. The features will give you good insight on how the product works. We suggest testing the product to see if it works. By doing research, you improve the confidence of your purchase decision.

Man Rolling Hose On Hose Reel

Another piece of advice is to check the warranty. Companies use warranties to ensure consumer confidence. Liberty Garden Products come with a limited lifetime warranty. If any problem occurs, return the hose reel for a replacement or a refund.

When shopping, stay away from third party websites. These websites often give false information to trick the customer into buying. Amazon offers a reliable service and faster shipping speeds than its competitors. Due to its premium service, Amazon hose reels will arrive at your house quickly.


Again, we compiled information on the best hose reels on the market. Each of these reels come with advantages that might suit your needs. Remember, find the features of each reel desired and pick one that relates the most to your needs.

For example, if you’re looking for a hose reel cart, perhaps the Liberty Garden 870-M1-2 is a good choice for you. But, if you need a reliable stationary reel, then the NeverLeak Side Mount Hose Reel could be of value.

Liberty Garden 870-M1-2 On Dirt

Remember, write down the things you need in a hose reel. Then, find a reel whose features match with your desires. After that, make the purchase after deciding if the reel is good for you.

To conclude, we know that finding a quality hose reel is daunting. With proper research and thinking, you can make the right decision. After reading this article, we hope that you have the confidence to buy the hose reel that you desire.

Have any experiences with the hose reels listed?

Leave a comment below and tell us what you think.

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